Intellectual property protection

We provide intellectual property protection services and revenue optimization for artists and labels.

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Our services

Protection of label’ rights

We prevent any kind of piracy that attempts on phonogram producers’ rights, preventing a third party from profiting economically and guaranteeing the correct payment of royalties to the right holder.

Protection of author and composer’s rights

We identify the uses of a piece on different platforms and carry out the necessary measures to guarantee the correct payment of royalties to the respective copyright collectives.

Digital Distribution and Management of Youtube accounts and streaming platform profiles

We carry out the management of Youtube accounts by Google certified professionals as well as streaming platform profiles, such as Spotify and Apple Music, following the best practices in order to optimize the results.

Protection of the brand and its image

We detect and prevent the unauthorized usage of the brand and its image, such as fake profiles on social media, inadequate use on advertisements and unauthorized merchandising.

About us

Leandro Cosentino

Leandro Cosentino: co-founder. Consultant specialized in computer solutions for music industry problems. Holds great experience in intellectual property right protection on the Internet, digital royalties, synchronization licenses, digital music distribution DDEX, YouTube ContentID, Facebook Rights Manager and technological infrastructure. Vocationally trained at International Music Business School and Berklee College Of Music, certified by Youtube and Microsoft and graduated in Computer Engineering.

Edgardo Kevorkian

Edgardo Andrés Kevorkian: co-founder. Photographer, graphic and audiovisual designer, specialized in the music industry. Holds great experience in management of social media, artist’s profiles on digital platforms and websites and digitization and restoring of many image formats. Trained and graduated in Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Abogados Especializados

We have the advice of lawyers specialized in intellectual property rights.